The Ely Fire Department needs men and women who live in Ely, are over 18, and want to serve our peaceful warm community to join our ranks. We respond to over 140 calls a year. We need individuals willing to respond to 20 or more a year as their time allows. Your time will not be wasted, you will help save a life, comfort a neighbor in need, or save property from fire. This could be you.

We need individuals who are willing to:

·      Medical Assistance, everything from

    •      Help I have fallen and can’t getup
    •          Cardiac arrest
    • Trauma injury
    • Struck by lightning (yes, it has happened)
    • Generally, not feeling well
  • Search & Rescue
  • Fire fighting

o Structure fires

o  Car fires

o  Grass fires

o  Investigating gas leaks

·      Community Service

o Putting up and taking down Christmas lights

o  Storm cleanup

o  Annual pancake breakfast

o  Santa Claus visits

    • Fall Fest

Those interested can chose to assist with medical and fire services or just one of the two. Those choosing to assist with medical will need to get their Emergency Medical Technician certification and those wishing to help with firefighting will need to obtain the Fire Fighter 1 certification. In addition, we have monthly training for fire and medical.

We invite you to join our ranks, be part of our team (no one goes on a call alone, we work as a team at all times) by filling out an application and turning it at the monthly business meeting (last Monday of the month at 7 PM) or monthly fire training (3rd Wednesday of the month at 7 PM) or monthly medical training (last Wednesday of the month at 7 PM) or weekly truck
check (Sunday’s at 9 AM).