48th Annual 4th of July Breakfast

We worked up an appetite for all you can eat pancakes, sausage, bacon and fried eggs after a busy season looking at new trucks, installing new call tracking software, regular fire and EMS training and serving our great communities!!!

Yep, it is getting closer to our annual 4th of July Pancake breakfast. The eggs, bacon, sausage, pancake mix and syrup has been ordered. The cooler is getting chilled and the grills getting warmed up, all we need now is YOU!

Help break our record of over 3800 people by getting a ticket in advance and showing up between 6:30 am and 12:30 pm on July 4th at the Ely Fire Station and eat until you are full. Door to door ticket sales in the county will be June 18th – through 20th, or visit any of our GREAT local business supporters.

We look forward to seeing on the the 4th of July, so COME JOIN US.

Adult Tickets:

$8.00 in advance (via door to door, any firefighter or our great local businesses)

$8.50 at the door

Children Tickets (5-12)


Kids under 5 eat free.

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